Sorry, but did someone say ‘April?’ Its 7C at midday, and we’ve had snow two days ago!

A much quieter month for me after the gallivanting of February and March! But with more social life than I had in my twenties, that’s probably a good thing!

Music has always been a huge part of my life, despite not having any qualifications other than a Grade 3 with distinction on the drum kit! I ended up head of music in my final school, running singing assemblies, all the music lessons and the school productions! Those were certainly rewarding days! Later on I switched from upper juniors for babies and toddlers, and working for an education authority to self employment, but music was still the central theme!

I belong to a small choir, a Glee Club and now a Folk Club, so I sing three nights a week!

So it was no surprise that my art business would have to involve music in some way. When I began doing Facebook Live shows, I wanted something that would make them different from all the other ‘lives’ that pop up every day. Music was the answer!

I wrote my first little ditty to a well known tune and that live show pulled in 1600 views! Since then I have written around 60 songs , the best of which you can find on my youtube channel (links throughout this site!)

This week and for the next few, I am working on material for the Ayot St Lawrence Art Show; held at the Palladian Church you see in the photo above. The story of this will be on my youtube channel shortly- in song, of course! Have a great week!