Art In The Nave Show

Sell, Sell, Sell!

The theme of the month has been selling!

Firstly, as a result of closing my music group down, I was faced with the daunting task of selling the huge collection of musical instruments, puppets, PE equipment, props and soft toys that accompanied the sessions. As this class funded my two sponsored children abroad, it was essential to make as much money as possible to keep the fund going.
It was a long and time consuming process which took a large percentage of my ‘free’ time, alongside painting pottery for the Art In The Nave show in Hemel Hempstead, advertising the show and working 4 days a week.

New Venture

I also ran the first of a series of art workshops at Liberty Tea Rooms and Community Hub – Watercolour painting. On a theme of “Flowers’ and I showed the attendees a variety of techniques to paint simple but effective flowers. My demonstration piece was entered into the Art In The Nave Show , and to my delight, it sold on the first day!

The Show

The Art In The Nave show takes place in St Mary and St Paul’s Church, Hemel Hempstead Old Town. It’s a stunningly beautiful building inside and out ; a wonderful place to browse art, pottery, jewellery and textiles. It ran all over the Bank Holiday weekend, and the Preview Night was packed with art lovers! My cookie jar (see July) sold almost immediately, along with other pottery pieces and a painting!

To show the inside of Art In The Nave

Art In The Nave – first painting sale at the show

Down came the rain for the remaining three days, accompanied by strong wind and unseasonable cold! But overall I was able to sell three paintings, ten pottery items and twelve greetings cards, so quite a success!

The other main highlight of August ; helping with the filming of my daughter’s music video for her new single ‘Free’. It’s a hopeful and joyous song about finding solace from the rat race in nature, so the filming took place in Epping Forest; the sun shone and it didn’t rain – perfect!

It was our job to bring a much loved electric guitar to the site, and then, many hours later, to transport the drummer and his kit back to his home in Harrow!

The single is doing very well with 11000 streams on Spotify ! Check it out here!