Mad March

Well that was a first! March is ‘alleged’ to be the first month of Spring, but this year we’ve got through the whole month without experiencing anything spring-like at all!

We’ve had heavy snow, freezing rain, hail, vicious winds and drizzle. The beautiful pink blossoms were blown off almost as soon as they reached full growth. So I’ll turn to more pleasurable pursuits that happened during the month!

During the first week of March I tried my hand at a bell ringing session at our local parish church with the help of the regular team. Although I managed to cope with the downstroke on the bell rope, I had to rely on the expert to catch the other end as it flew back up!    

I also ran my first online art session for a group of NHS staff on Zoom.  The art session encountered technical difficulties with my phone freezing while being used as a webcam, resulting in my having to hold the canvas up to the screen while painting it!

However, all participants managed to complete their paintings in the hour’s session!  And I have, with the help of my techy hubby, solved the issue for next time!

We combined meeting up with our older daughter and her boyfriend with a visit to the National Gallery and an ‘all you can eat’ Chinese restaurant! Both filled us in different ways! You can read more about the art that inspired me in my newsletter; the sign up is at the bottom of this page!

I’ve completed another commission and sold several hand painted mugs, more of these in the April issue!
The painting above is the first one to be demonstrated during the art sessions. The results were really impressive!

Here’s hoping April brings lighter evenings and brighter days!