commission process

Here’s how it works: To commission a painting of your home (or other building) please contact me by email.

If you are local to Redbourn or the surrounding area I can arrange to visit you, discuss your requirements and take photographs.

Otherwise, please send me two or three good quality high resolution photographs for me to work from, showing the view you would like painted.

I will ask relevant questions to establish a clear picture of what you want your painting to look like.

Decide on the size you would like using my price guide below. I can offer any chosen size of paper up to A2.

I will then send you a Commission Statement of Work which will include size , weather conditions preferred in the painting and any specific additions or omissions (E.g. adding pets, specific plants or trees, or removing satellite dishes/alarms/ aerials etc.

The statement will include a predicted date of completion, normally around 4-6 weeks from the date of the deposit being paid.

A deposit of 25% is required to begin the work.

An initial pencil sketch will be sent to you for approval, after which a further 25% is payable. Painting will begin at this point.

You will be kept up to date with regular progress photographs, during which time it is important that you let me know any changes you feel are necessary.

Once the painting is complete, two further small changes may be made free of charge, but major changes will be chargeable.

gallery of past commissions


This client requested two paintings of the same house -one from each side!


This client requested two paintings of the same house -one from each side!

Chalet bungalow, Redbourn

This was a surprise present for the client’s parents – a portrait of their home. The only problem – they hardly ever went out ! I had to hide round the corner and watch till their car pulled away and I could take uninterrupted photos!

narrowboat in Tyrley Locks

One of the most challenging yet enjoyable commissions I have been asked to do was this narrowboat in Tyrley Locks, Market Drayton for a client to give to his daughter for Christmas.

The client says
‘It’s my daughter’s narrowboat and she was thrilled to bits with the painting! It has pride of place hanging on the wall in the living room.’

St Mary's Parish Church, Sompting, West Sussex

I painted this for a client whose mother had been married in the church many years ago for a birthday gift. It was a total joy to bring to life!

St Albans Registry Office, Hertfordshire

This stunning venue was painted for a client as a wedding gift for her daughter and son in law. It was mounted on a large wedding card which I also created.


Q: Can I return a painting ?
A: As you will be fully involved in the process throughout and will have opportunities to make changes within reason, paintings cannot be returned for refunds.

Q: Will you be able to do a piece to a deadline?
A: I advise allowing around 4 – 6 weeks for completion, so leave plenty of time and I will endeavour to carry out the work ready for your special date.

Q: How long will my painting take to do?
A: This will depend on the size of the painting and my availability. Larger paintings can take up to 6 weeks, smaller ones around 2-3 weeks, but I suggest allowing a minimum of 4 weeks.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A: Yes, provided all shipping and taxes are paid by the client. I am in the UK, so shipping for the UK range from £4- £10. If outside the UK please contact me for shipping costs.

Q; Can I make prints of the painting?
A: As I own the intellectual copyright to the painting, you may not make your own prints, but I can arrange this for you.

Old School Cottage
This beautiful cottage once formed part of an old school on the village green. I loved the variety of colours I found in the garden wall alone!


My pricing is based on a formula of £10 per linear inch ( length plus width in inches) for commissions and £8 per linear inch for ready done paintings.
Prices will be rounded up to the nearest £5

Example 1 A Commission painting measuring 10 x 8”
L + W = 18 x £10 = £180

Example 2 A ready done painting measuring 8 x 8”
L + W = 16 x £8 = £128 rounded up to £130

Small is beautiful!

This tiny terrace offered much in interesting textures, lush foliage and flowers and shadows.

Client said,
“Wow, that is wonderful, even better than I hoped – thank you! I do love it!”

St Paul's Cathedral

When I was asked , ‘Can you paint St Paul’s Cathedral for my husband for Christmas?’ I took a massive leap of faith and said, ‘YES!’

St Paul's Cathedral

As an artist it’s thrilling to accept new challenges and make them happen!

Working from two different photographs I created an amalgamation of the two views to the delight of my client! The people measure less than a centimetre!

The Cat Lover's house

Commissioned for my client’s mother’s 80th birthday. Their dearly beloved but departed cat was brought back to life on the doorstep. Notice the weather vane – also a tribute to this much loved moggy!

Corner Cottage

This remote cottage was commissioned with very few clear photos, as it was a surprise present for the client’s parents. I used Google maps to find the house and managed to find this lovely view across a wildflower meadow.

A house in Alabama

My client once lived in this house, but had moved to the UK and wanted a permanent reminder to keep. The garden was definitely the star of the show!

Detached house , Redbourn 

Commissioned by the previous owner as a momento of a much loved house.

Artistic licence !

This semi has been turned into a detached house by extending the bushes and trees and losing the roof on the left! Many clients ask for me to disguise or omit neighbouring homes and I enjoy creating interesting ways to facilitate this!

Detached house with garage, Redbourn

 Another local commission where a car free drive was a necessity! This painting presented many challenges in the detailed tiles, brickwork and reflections.
A present for the client’s husband’s birthday, I was able to deliver to her and witness her delight!

elegant Georgian style home

This elegant Georgian style home, commissioned for a 70th birthday present for the owner by my client, who presented it to him in a restaurant at the top of The Shard, the tallest building in London!

Christchurch, Redbourn

Commissioned by a member of this small local church, this is an example of a painting with minimal background. The sunlight was not present in the photos, but I painted this as if it was.

Victorian Terrace, St. Albans

I loved the vibrancy of the colours in this painting, accentuating the sunlight and shadow. Houses on either side were included in this instance.

The Pink House

Commissioned by a client for her mother who once lived here. To avoid including too much of the adjacent homes we opted for an oval ‘frame’.

End Terrace

Even on a small property there are plenty of interesting colours and textures in the brickwork and roof tiles!
Another example of plants being added and a cloudy sky substituted for a sunny one!

Beyond the wall
Painted as a celebration of a beautiful spring day in the Vintry garden, St Albans, this painting was accompanied by this song on my facebook live show.
It sold the same day

Modern semi in Redbourn

This was another surprise present for the client’s wife on their wedding anniversary. Surreptitious photography was necessary to get the view without cars! I particularly enjoyed the sunlight effects on the pantiled roof and the strong shadows cast by a brilliantly sunny day!

Wedding Memories

This was another surprise present for the client’s mother on her wedding anniversary. This church in Leverstock Green, Hemel Hempstead was where she married my client’s father, holding many happy memories!

Wisteria Delight

Donated as a prize for a local charity, the winner chose a portrait of her mother’s house which is covered in wisteria. There may be a few more purple flowers here than in real life – but that’s artistic licence!

A commission for a couple who had already had a house portrait done, but had since extended their house and wanted a new one to match the earlier portrait.

A front door portrait

If your whole house is not as lovely as your front door, this is the solution! This was a commission for a Christmas present and was delivered to the client on Christmas Eve!

The Perfect Wedding Present

This was not the first wedding venue I have painted as a gift for the newlyweds, but it WAS the first to include the guests and pets! This stunning castle venue was a delight to bring to life, and I used artistic licence to create the perfect weather conditions !  

Here’s what the client said:

‘Imagine commissioning a painting of a wedding that hasn’t even happened yet? And having such beautiful detail of the bride and groom and guests included?
And what about the wee Bella (dog) skipping along and Blanche (cat) sunning herself ?
Rosie captured the vibe and essence way before it happened for real. Sheer genius!
The extraordinary Rosie painted this delightful watercolour for my daughter  and son in law weeks before the big day! 

Thank you so much Rosie, it’s absolutely perfect and we all adore it.

Leigh Shenton

House and garden , Norfolk

This was commissioned for the client’s sister. The shadows on this one were an absolute dream. There was a special request for a red kite flying above and a bee to appear somewhere in the painting! I was happy to oblige!

Tyringham Hall

I created this painting for a client who worked and lived in this stunning building for seven years.

Here’s what he wrote:

‘Painting has arrived, I shed a tear or two looking at it, have just ordered a frame for it so hopefully shall adorn my wall tomorrow? Thank you so so much, you don’t know just how precious that painting will become, so many memories of being there, I will look at it every day!’

Pets Included

Another front door commission – with a special addition of a much loved puss, sadly no longer with us, but shall remain in the painting evermore!