New painting for sale

This month marks the end of a whole year since I achieved my dream of having my own website! Thanks to the incredible Zynfinity Design for the hours of work and helpful training videos that have enabled me to keep it running with no major hiccups!

I was delighted to sell my painting of The Hub (my workplace now 2/3 days a week) to a lovely lady in the village who keeps Redbourn Blooming all year round! A limited number of A4 giclee prints are also available.
Christmas is always an incredibly busy time for me due to my involvement with our local church, The Gobstoppers Glee Club Concert, the Liberty Tea Rooms and Community Hub in Hemel Hempstead and covering for absent colleagues at The Hub. However I have managed to produce a new mini canvas (see image) and paint and fire three new mugs, and make/recycle almost all my Christmas cards!

Working at The Hub has enabled me to get to know so many residents of our lovely village, including their dogs! It’s been a delight working with my younger daughter on Fridays since October. However, this has reduced my time for painting quite drastically.

IN 2023 I hope to redress the balance and will be eager to take on new commissions – be they house portraits or fantasy art!

May I wish you all a happy, peaceful and healthy Christmas!