Gallery of Sold Paintings

Gallery of Sold Paintings


Welsh Trio

Commissioned by a client for her mother whose current house was the centre one in this row – but who was born in the one on the right and grew up in the one on the left! Wondering if this is a record of some kind!

Painted during Covid Lockdown so the photos were taken secretly by my client’s old school friend .

My client, Karen, wrote:
‘Oh wow! That is amazing! The detail is unbelievable! You’re so clever. My mum is going to be over the moon.’

Happy Memories

Many people form emotional attachments to their homes, and feel a sense of bereavement if they have to leave them behind. By providing a true to life painting of their former abode, I can help to ease that feeling of loss.

This client wrote:
Oh it is beautiful Rosie – thank you so much! My husband is going to love it as we have very special memories of a decade living there (and I love that I will get to look at it every day too 😊) I hope you enjoyed painting it as well.
Abbie Hollick

Detached House with Garage

The challenge on this commission was to include the very large garage without spoiling the view of this beautiful house. The tiles on the upper floor walls were really richly coloured, setting off the reflections in the windows beautifully.
This was another surprise present so several visits were necessary to photograph the driveway and front windows unobscured by cars.

The client wrote :
The picture was a wonderful surprise for him ! He loves it! Please feel free to show it in your portfolio -it looks so good in the frame! We are both delighted with the result !
Ruth Hall

The Garden Imagined

This commission was created from a photograph taken by the partner of the recipient on a dull grey day. There were no shadows present and all the plants were dead or in hibernation!

I provided a pencil sketch which the partner annotated with the names of all the plants in their correct positions.

I researched each plant and painted them in their places, and added a summer sky and imagined shadows.

St Cuthbert's Church, Widworthy

Such a lovely story attached to this commission!

This church was part of my client’s childhood. Her grandparents and other relatives were laid to rest there and her family always picnicked and played in the beautiful grounds. Her mother was no longer able to travel back to the area so a painting seemed the perfect solution.

Here’s what the client said;

🥳😍 It’s finally in its forever home ❤️

My mum actually got choked up, & completely speechless, on the video call when she unwrapped the painting 🖼.

I mean this didn’t even happen when she first saw me in my wedding dress 🙏🏻❤️

It’s so beautiful, thank you so much xxx

Ellie Clark

Artistic License

This was a local commission just a stone’s throw from my own home. A Christmas gift for my client’s mother, this semi was transformed into a detached house with a little editing and extra foliage! Don’t want the neighbour’s house in your portrait? I have ways of removing it subtly!

Norfolk Delight

One of my absolute favourite commissions, this stunning home presented me with everything I adore about painting homes! Surrounded by a beautiful garden with a variety of tall trees, which cast sweeping shadows across it’s walls, it was incredibly satisfying to do it justice. Special requests included the inclusion of a red kite in flight and a bee – two of the recipient’s favourite creatures.

London Lights

Inspired by the work of Leonid Alfremov, and our annual visit to see the Christmas Lights in London. My whimsical paintings are mainly inspired by colour, light and reflections and this one had all three in abundance!

A Christmas Birth Story

My friend and client Viv had such an interesting and wonderful story behind the painting she commissioned that I invited her to join me on my live show on a Friday evening to tell it and open the finished work live on air!

Front door portrait

Do you have a lovely front door? I also offer Front Door Portraits like this one – this door had a wonderful display of coloured glass inset in the two windows and some strong reflections in the triangular window -the large hound was a special request!

The Pink Place

This home is very local to me and has changed hands several times, and it was a previous owner who commissioned this painting. To avoid including too much of the neighbouring homes I suggested the oval frame which the client was delighted with.

I used gesso in the clouds to give them more texture. The rich colours in the roof complement the warm pastel walls perfectly. A picture perfect cottage!

whimsical gallery

Holiday 3

Holiday 1

Painted during semi lockdown when holidays were reserved for politicians and the wealthy, I wrote an accompanying song which was also sent to the buyer.

As this was a larger piece I used acrylic paint and liquitex varnish.

Winter Hill

Taking the whimsical village theme on a season, this painting was inspired by a children’s book I used to read to my daughters.

Winter Hill sold before I had time to write a song for it!

Holiday 2

Painted during semi lockdown when holidays were reserved for politicians and the wealthy, I wrote an accompanying song which was also sent to the buyer.

Imagine a perfect day on a beautiful beach in late summer.

The tide has come in and the beach is swallowed up with the suns dying rays…

You gather your belongings and make your way up the steep winding path past dozens of brightly coloured houses and lush green olive trees and bougainvillea bushes….

Reaching your tiny cottage, you pour a glass of wine and sit out on the terrace until the sun sets behind the highest point of the hill.

Watercolour on box canvas
Sealed with Dorland wax
20cm x 20cm

Peace In The Woods

Inspired by a photograph taken in our local woods, looking up at the sky. The trees seemed to lean in from all directions towards the milky sun. 

I was delighted that this A3 watercolour found a new home at The Ayot St Lawrence Art Show 2022.

Autumn Hill - with People and Pets

This was a gift for a friend. Any of these paintings can be adapted for specific people and/or pets as a commission.


Watercolour on box canvas
Sealed with Dorland wax
20cm x 20cm

Winter on the Hill

Commissions welcome

A fantasy painting on a 20 x 20cm box canvas that sold immediately I posted it on social media! 



Watercolour on box canvas
Sealed with Dorland wax
20cm x 20cm

Autumn Hill - with Alpacas

Autumn 2021 was one of the most beautiful I have experienced here in Hertfordshire, UK. Maybe it was the wet, nondescript summer or the mild winter, but something caused the trees to burst into the most dazzling array of warm colours which inspired a series of small canvas paintings. Most of these can be found on the For Sale page, along with the song that accompanies them, but this one was a commission based on Autumn Hill 1 with the extra addition of alpacas!



Watercolour on box canvas
Sealed with Dorland wax
20cm x 20cm