I’ll be honest, this is not my favourite time of year…

I always savour the build up to Christmas, the strings of lights adorning the houses, the cosiness of being indoors, the promise of snow(usually unfulfilled,) candles and Christmas trees, parties and presents and most of all the true story of Christmas told through carols and nativities!

After this, it can be a struggle to get back into the swing of normal life, especially when the weather in the UK is this uninspiring!

Some deal with this by ripping off the band aid and ‘putting Christmas away’ as soon as Boxing Day is over…

Others need the lights to stay on a little( or a lot) longer!

Last January 18th my cat brilliantly upstaged me on the ITV news on a feature about folk who keep their decorations up way after Jan 5th! So I believe that places me in the second camp !

Click to watch the video

Light and lights have played an important part in the development of my art during 2021. I draw intense joy from the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, the warmth of the glow from windows, lanterns and lamps, candles and of course Christmas lights – and this joy has found its way onto canvas and paper wherever possible.

Lights bring joy, warmth and comfort in the darkness. To leave them shining does no harm, and helps me to spread that light in my art and my life.

Wishing you all a joyful January!