‘In July the sun is hot, is it shining? No it’s not!’

This month we have seen record high temperatures and plenty of sunshine, which coincided with our visit to our friends’ home in Devon! We packed so much into six days, including visiting Cockington, a beautiful thatched chocolate box village, walking to Berry Pomeroy castle and early morning swimming in the English Channel!

Art wise, I introduced a new concept to my house portrait line! Based on the premise of ‘ Stranger Things’ ( that there is a parallel world beneath ours – the Upside down – which contains evil and monsters) I produced a painting of my own house with its’ Upside Down’ version below!

I also wrote a song, “The Upside Down’ which is on my Youtube channel.

I’ve also been working on a painting of a very pretty garden belonging to a previous client. I love painting gardens especially in sunlight, with the patterns of shadows on the grass!

I can hardly believe there’s only a week left until August arrives! Hope you’re all enjoying the summer so far!