Night Time -January 2023!

Welcome to a new year ! It feels as if it has rushed by in a blink of an eye, but looking back through my photos I am surprised and delighted to see that despite having a lot more non-art related work this year, I have completed 45 pieces of work – some commissions, some gifts and some direct sales from my website!
During this past year I have become more focussed on evening, sunset and night time scenes, featuring reflections and light effects such as ‘halos’ around lights and ‘shine’ on surrounding surfaces. I hope to develop techniques to improve these effects this year. When offering house portraits, I will now offer an evening/night time option!

I have taken part in two art fairs in 2022 and sold quite well. Again, many pieces featured night time scenes- particularly in my whimsical art.

I created several large pieces this year, which can be found in my shop and are offered at very reasonable prices! Some are also available as prints ( on a print to order basis)

Happy Art Hunting!

In other news, my younger daughter came home from three years at university to live with us once more. We have forged a new and different relationship and working with her at the Hub has been a bonding experience! We both love to frequent charity shops but she has a far better eye for building a successful outfit! Most encouragingly, she has recently shown an interest in, and flair for, watercolour painting – our Christmas Day night time was spent experimenting with watercolour tubes!

So on we go into 2023! I wish you all a happy, successful and fun filled year!