Commissions welcome

We began the month with a visit to Dorset to stay with friends in their holiday home. It rained. A lot.

I’m sure the area has a lot to offer but we spent most of it inside various eating establishments rather than braving the heavy downpours.

I did manage to take some dramatic shots of Corfe Castle which no doubt will end up in a painting at some point.

November saw the sad departure from this earth of our lovely cat Peggy. She had been ill for around a year, with many treatments and tests failing to diagnose or help the problem. Her last few days were spent in the arms of her loving family and she is now at rest in our garden with two of our other cats.

November was also a record month for sales! The painting above, ‘Night On Winter Hill’ sold as soon as I posted it on Facebook! I designed a Christmas card for a charity and then sold ‘Autumn Hill 1’ to the client who commissioned the card. A third painting has now been reserved, and a commission finished!

This year, despite taking on more barista work and having far less time to paint, I have completed over 50 paintings and exhibited in two shows. Christmas is coming and it’s time to plan for next year!