February Frolics

February has been a month of highs and lows in terms of weather, health and art!

From unseasonably mild to cold and grey, to frosty and clear, it’s been an unpredictable month! I was fighting off a fluey cold for the first two weeks(not Covid) at the same time as working extra hours at the Hub.
Meanwhile behind the scenes and in the gaps of spare time, I finished a complex house portrait with sunlight and shadows galore, and also, on the penultimate day of the month, completed the painting that I believe is my best so far.

Back in October last year, we visited Durham in the North of England, a beautiful city with a magnificent cathedral and castle, and home to a prestigious university. Autumn was in its prime, and the views were breathtaking!

I could probably spend a year of painting time just focussing on Durham! So far I have created two of my best works, one featuring the castle entrance and one showing the Cathedral’s West Towers revealed through stunning autumn trees.

Both these paintings are set at night and draw from some stunning photographs I took with my phone. They will be uploaded to my gallery shortly.

Finally, I ran a competition on Facebook to ‘Name A Painting’ I completed in an hour. This encouraged new people to sign up to my email newsletter and was a great success!

So here endeth Winter? March is just a day away !