September – All Things New!

Big Changes – New Kitchen!

After 12 years of living with a cooker with only 3 working rings, peeling floors and bubbled worktops, we finally took the plunge! Much of the month involved cooking on a 2 ring electric mini oven, preparing and washing up outside and eating on laps – fine when we were enjoying the Indian Summer but not quite as much fun once the cold and dark nights set in!

With a week to go we still have no water or gas, but it’s looking amazing!

Classics On The Common!

Our village hosts an annual extravaganza of Classic Cars, a food festival and live music on the common. What a fascinating array of new and classic vehicles, ranging from Minis to Cadillacs stretching as far as the eye could see!

The pink cadillac below was the star of the show!

Why not come along next year?

The glistening front of a pink cadillac at Classics On The Common.

New Greetings Cards!

With Christmas only three months away I have been proactive and introduced my new range of cards on a Winter/Christmas theme. All taken from original paintings – three of which are still available in my shop. You can order these via my shop!

My new range of greetings cards on a Winter/christmas theme, available in my online shop.

New Art

Obviously, with the work going on in and around the kitchen, and all the normal kitchen contents being squeezed into other spaces around the house, art has taken a back seat this month. However,despite this, I am slowly progressing my St Patrick’s Cathedral painting ( see top image)and working on new pottery designs for another Art and Craft show at the end of October. These designs include Van Gogh style mugs, winter village mugs, delicate cream jugs and new money boxes. More on these in October’s blog!

Family Changes – new horizons

As I write this I’m preparing myself for my younger daughter’s departure for South America for three months. It’s a bittersweet moment for any parent, knowing she will have experiences that will stay with her forever, but knowing how much I’ll miss her! Our older daughter, in contrast will be moving from her home of five years in Sheffield to live in London – only 30 minutes away from us by train!

So a month of changes – here’s hoping October will be a little more settled!